Manuel Almaguer


Manuel Almaguer

Division Chief of Fire Prevention, Manuel Almaguer, has been a Denver Firefighter for the past 20 years. He currently oversees life safety requirements for over 35,000 occupancies as the Fire Official for the City and County of Denver.


Mr. Almaguer has a passion and a desire to connect with community. He is a presenter at the local and national level on “Resiliency”, “My Voice Matters” and “Total Wellness”. The target audience has been in schools, The White House, The Pentagon, and in front of national philanthropy groups. Mr. Almaguer has importantly researched and provided outreach for resources on behavioral health and suicide prevention. Throughout the years, Mr. Almaguer’s focus has been on creating and providing wellness programs to educate, support, and empower everyone.

Mr. Almaguer’s primary passion is to promote equity through cultural diversity and inclusivity in the city and community. He enjoys music, exercising, traveling, and the theater. He is a long-standing advisory Board Member for Su Teatro Cultural Arts Center. He is also one of the founding fathers of Latinos Impacting Our Future Together (L.I.F.T), a men’s giving circle, through this engagement he supports and empowers Colorado communities by elevating identity, awareness, and culture through philanthropy.